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Running update

January 3, 2012

After my last post I decided that I needed the bike to cycle on more than I needed it to be perfect, so I took it out on a ride to work and have been using it ever since. It has been running fine, with only minor adjustments to the chainline, and replacement of the rear inner tube.

It’s been a great ride. Despite having a slightly harder gear ratio than I had planned (due to the availability of singlespeed freewheels), it is easy to ride, even from a standing start. Riding up the shallow hills of London is fine too, although I’m yet to try it out on a proper hill. But then again, that’s why I chose to convert it in the first place; I only need the bike for commuting. If I needed/wanted it for proper cycle rides, then I would have replaced the gears! I am fully converted to this singlespeed way of riding, next on the list of things to try is a fixie!

I’ll post more on the repairs and adjustments I make as I have to make them, and I’ll post a check list for converting an old bike soon.

Happy singlespeeding!

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