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More things to fix

July 19, 2011

A few posts ago, A Can of Worms, I said that I had found more things to do on the bike than I originally planned. These included general maintenance like the brakes, pads and cables, and also a bit of cleaning. Realistically all this needed to be done to make the bike rideable before putting in the effort for the conversion of the bike to a singlespeed. Annoyingly, I can add a few more things to the list of things to fix now after having ridden the bike for a few weeks since the start of the project. Eventually I’ll post a complete check list (in a logical order) of what I have done to the bike, which I hope will be useful for anyone wanting know what things might have to be done to refurbish an old bike. I’ve gone at this blindly as this is the first time I’ve messed with a bike, so here is the list of things I’ve encountered so far:


  • brakes (and pads and cables) – all replaced
  • rims – slightly bent, so straighten them
  • saddle was wearing through so replace this
  • handlebar tape was worn/none existant so replace this

To do:

  • need to adjust brake lever position
  • chain – quite loose, so tighten using the position of the rear wheel in the horizontal dropouts
  • tighten the cranks and pedals
  • bearing wear in the rear wheel and bottom bracket – will need new bearings I think
  • teeth wear on the chainwheel
  • possibly need new tyres
  • replace the freewheel with a singlespeed!
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  1. Will permalink
    July 31, 2011 8:23 pm

    Photos please! 😉

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