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Early stage planning

June 13, 2011

So, having decided to keep the bike I now have to decide what to do with it. I have a few options.

Do I:

  1. Repair all the broken bits
  2. Remove as many broken bits as I can, but otherwise keep the bike the same
  3. Remove the broken bits and remodel the bike

It comes down to how I use it. It currently is a commuter bike; I use it on short, flat journeys around London. I rarely change gear (partly due to the difficulty of using frame mounted gear levers in traffic). Brakes are a necessity and a light bike would be easier to manoeuvre.


  • Option 1. Expensive. I’d need a new derailleur, handlebar tape, possibly a new rear wheel, and lots of cleaner.
  • Option 2. Easy. The bike still functions but I feel this is a quick fix. Also it is no where near as cool.
  • Option 3. More difficult. It’d take time, but would be fun. I just need a few tools, bit of degreaser, and a few components.

This wasn’t exactly a fair poll – I’ve been biased to option 3 from the start, but it did give me ammunition against all those who questioned my impulsiveness.

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